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Sweet Desserts, Coffee straight from Puerto Rico, Spices from Latin America and much more!

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  • Chefzito Spices


    Chefzito, our vibrant in-house brand, captures Latin passion with authentic Mexican spice blends, delectable ring cakes, and traditional Latin foods—unleashing a festival of flavor in every dish!

    Chefzito Products 
  • Boricua Souvenirs

    Embrace the charming coquí frog plushies, swing with stylish keychains and delve into a plethora of Boricua treasures! These souvenirs bring the vibrant spirit of Puerto Rico right into your home!

  • Carmenla Foods


    Founded over 50 years ago, this is still a staple of amazing taste and quality. Recognized as a leader of food manuaacturing their sausages are a must try!

    Carmela Products 
  • Malta India

    Malta India, Puerto Rico's delightful treasure, dances on your tongue with its thrilling sweet molasses like essence, a must-try non-alcoholic elixir brewed from barley and hops!

  • Cafe Lareño Puerto Rico

    Cafe Lareño

    Now on it's forth generation of roasters, founded in 1889 this once small factory is now a must try experience. They have kept the same quality standards since its inception over 130 years ago!

    Coffee Products 
  • Arroz Rico - Rico Rice

    Rico Rice

    Since its creation in the 90's it has become the center of every Puerto Rican table and the heart of their diet. This is truly the best rice from Puerto Rico!

    Rico Rice 
  • Galletas Panky Nabisco


    One of the most iconic Boricua sweets of all time! There is no better way to describe this delicious treat. Go back in time to your childhood with every bite!

  • Yaucono

    Rich Puerto Rican coffee with bold flavors. Experience the taste of the Caribbean in every sip. A beloved tradition for coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

    Coffee Products 
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