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Puerto Rico Bottle Koozie w/Bottle Opener

Puerto Rico Bottle Koozie w/Bottle Opener

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Experience the vibrant spirit of Puerto Rico every time you enjoy a chilled drink with our Puerto Rico Bottle Koozie with Bottle Opener. This practical accessory comes in three exciting colors, each celebrating Puerto Rican culture with distinctive designs - a red and blue variant featuring 'PR' and a black variant embellished with a Puerto Rican flag and tribal details.

Each koozie color represents a facet of Puerto Rico's identity. The red and blue koozies, imprinted with 'PR', celebrate the island's initials in a bold and stylish way. The black koozie, adorned with the Puerto Rican flag and tribal details, pays tribute to the island's rich cultural heritage and vibrant spirit.

Crafted from durable materials, this bottle koozie also features an attached bottle opener, ensuring that your drinks stay cool and you're always ready to pop open a new one.

Please note that the color of the koozie is chosen at random when ordering, adding an element of surprise to each purchase!

Order your Puerto Rico Bottle Koozie with Bottle Opener today and make every sip a celebration of Puerto Rican pride!


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