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Resin Puerto Rico Magnet

Resin Puerto Rico Magnet

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Bring the essence of Puerto Rico into your home with our Resin Puerto Rico Magnet. This beautifully detailed magnet captures the vibrant spirit of the island, featuring key elements that define Puerto Rican culture - 'Puerto Rico' in bold letters, a Coqui frog, traditional buildings, palm trees, and the flag.

Each element on this magnet tells a story about life on the island. The Coqui frog symbolizes the island's rich biodiversity, the traditional buildings depict the architectural heritage, the palm trees represent its tropical landscape, and the flag stands as a proud symbol of Puerto Rican identity. Together, they create a delightful miniature showcase of island life.

Crafted from quality resin, this magnet is both lightweight and durable. Its size is perfect for any refrigerator or magnetic surface, where it can add a touch of Puerto Rican charm.


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