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Coqui Frog Keychain w/Sound!

Coqui Frog Keychain w/Sound!

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Carry a piece of Puerto Rican charm wherever you go with our Coqui Frog Sound Keychain! This delightful accessory features the beloved coqui frog, a symbol of Puerto Rico's vibrant wildlife, and goes one step further – it replicates the iconic, soothing serenade of the coqui with a simple press of a button.

This keychain is a mini-masterpiece, designed with attention to detail to emulate the coqui frog's unique features. Made from durable, high-quality materials, it's a resilient companion for your keys. The highlight, though, is the embedded sound module. Simply press the button, and it emits the distinctive coqui call, transporting you momentarily to the serene Puerto Rican rainforests.

Whether you're looking for a functional keychain, a charming accessory, or a souvenir to remember the sounds of Puerto Rico, this Coqui Frog Sound Keychain hits the mark.


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