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Chefzito Magic Flower Birthday Candle

Chefzito Magic Flower Birthday Candle

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Ignite a spectacular birthday extravaganza with the Chefzito Magic Flower Birthday Candle! This innovative candle is designed to be the centerpiece of your celebration, unfurling its petals to reveal a radiant display of light while serenading the birthday guest with a musical rendition of "Happy Birthday."

Key Features:

  • Musical Performance: As the candle lights up, it plays the classic "Happy Birthday" tune, adding a harmonious touch to the birthday festivities.

  • Blooming Light Show: Once lit, the flower opens up and each petal features a mini candle that lights up, creating a stunning visual spectacle.

  • Colorful Design: The candle boasts vibrant blue petals with a touch of green at the base, making it a lively addition to any cake.

  • Rotating Blossom: As the petals open, the flower gently rotates, giving everyone at the party a 360-degree view of this delightful surprise.

  • Safe and Easy to Use: The Chefzito Magic Flower Birthday Candle is designed with safety in mind, featuring a stable base and easy-light feature for hassle-free operation.

Product Details:

  • Color: Bright blue with green accents
  • Music: "Happy Birthday" melody
  • Movement: Rotating petals upon opening
  • Safety: High-quality, non-toxic materials for safe use on food items


  1. Place the candle centrally on your cake.
  2. Light the center of the candle with a match or lighter.
  3. Step back and enjoy the opening of the flower and the musical tune.
  4. After the petals have opened and candles are lit, blow out the candles to stop the music.


Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebration that calls for a touch of wonder. The Chefzito Magic Flower Birthday Candle is not just a candle, it's a memorable experience that will leave everyone in awe.

Bring your celebration to life with the Chefzito Magic Flower Birthday Candle – the ultimate addition to any birthday cake that promises a moment of pure joy and awe-inspiring delight!

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