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Cafe Borinquen 14oz

Cafe Borinquen 14oz

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Awaken your senses with Café Borinquen, a proud treasure of Puerto Rico, nestled in a 14-ounce package of pure delight. Since 1977, from the lush mountains of Utuado, this coffee has been crafted with dedication, embodying the spirit and tradition of the island.

Café Borinquen is not just coffee; it's a journey. Each bean is selected to deliver the full-bodied, rich flavor that is the hallmark of 100% Puerto Rican coffee. As you brew each cup, you'll be greeted with an aroma that speaks of heritage and quality, a scent that fills the room with anticipation.

This coffee invites you to take a moment to savor life, whether it's a quiet morning ritual or a lively gathering with friends. Café Borinquen is a testament to the art of great coffee making, offering a taste that's robust yet smooth, bold yet inviting. It's a daily luxury, accessible to all who appreciate a cup brewed with heart and history.

Embrace the warmth of Café Borinquen, and let it transport you to the heart of Puerto Rico, where coffee is not just a drink, but a way of life.


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