Celebrating Over 50 Years of Tradition with Carmela Foods

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Tradition with Carmela Foods

The Legacy of Carmela Foods
For more than half a century, Carmela Foods has been a beloved staple at Puerto Rican tables, providing a taste of tradition and quality with every product. From its inception in 1963, the brand has grown to become the local favorite, dominating over 60% of the market share.

The Taste that Defines Puerto Rican Cuisine
Carmela's journey began as Century Packing in Caguas, producing chicken sausages in a modest 16,000 square-foot plant. Now, it stands as a testament to the rich flavors that have seasoned the lives of families for generations.

The Early Days From Century Packing to Carmela Foods
The brand's evolution from Century Packing to Carmela Foods marked the beginning of an era that would see the company become synonymous with exceptional canned and pouched meats that cater to every family member's palate.

The Humble Beginnings in Caguas
It all started with chicken sausages. But with the foresight of innovation and excellence, Carmela was destined for more than just local success.

Growth and Expansion The Acquisition by CC1 Companies
2007 was a pivotal year for Carmela Foods. With the acquisition by CC1 Companies, the brand not only embraced its new identity but also expanded its product line to include a variety of flavors, including the spicy kick of Criollo chili.

Moving to Las Piedras: Upgrading to a Modern Facility
The move to Las Piedras in 2010 marked a major upgrade to a 100,000 square-foot plant, reflecting the brand's growth and commitment to the community through job creation.

Product Evolution Diversifying the Product Line
Carmela's product range has evolved to meet changing consumer needs, including healthier options like low-sodium sausages, without compromising on taste.

Meeting Health Trends: Low Sodium Options
In response to health trends, Carmela introduced low sodium sausages, ensuring that every family member can enjoy their products without health concerns.

Quality and Standards Commitment to Quality: The USDA Inspection
Every Carmela product goes through rigorous USDA inspections, ensuring that the quality that reaches your table is nothing short of excellent.

ISO 22,000 Certification: A Mark of Excellence
The ISO 22,000 certification is a testament to Carmela's unwavering commitment to food safety and quality, a standard that guarantees consumer trust.

Infrastructure and Innovation Investing in the Future
Significant investments in infrastructure and brand development have not only solidified Carmela's local presence but also catapulted it onto the global stage.

Catering to the Global Market: Exportation
With 30% of sales coming from exports, Carmela has embraced the global market, offering its high-quality products to the world.

Distribution: The Reach of Carmela Foods Supermarkets to Corner Stores
Carmela's distribution network is extensive, ensuring that their products are available everywhere — from supermarkets to local colmados.

Institutional Market Penetration
Their presence in institutional markets underscores the trust and reliability that Carmela has built over the years.

Marketing and Brand Presence Branding: The Tagline That Resonates
Carmela's tagline, "Por donde quiera se cuela Carmela," resonates with consumers, symbolizing the brand's pervasive and beloved presence in Puerto Rico.

Consumer Engagement Strategies
Engaging marketing strategies have kept Carmela at the forefront of consumers' minds and tables.

Consumer Well-being Focusing on the Consumer
The well-being of consumers is at the core of Carmela Foods' mission, driving them to produce and distribute only the highest quality products.

High-Quality Products for Puerto Rican Families
Carmela's vision is to provide products that not only satisfy taste but also cater to the health and well-being of Puerto Rican families.

The Vision of Carmela Foods Leadership in the Food Industry
Carmela Foods aspires to be the industry leader, setting the standard for quality, cost, and service in the food market.

Commitment to Quality, Cost, and Service
Their vision is clear: to be the preferred brand by consistently meeting the expectations of consumers.

Carmela Foods Today Over 50 Years of Excellence
With over 50 years under its belt, Carmela Foods' commitment to quality, variety, and flavor remains unchanged.

The Unwavering Promise of Quality and Taste
Carmela continues to be the gold standard in Puerto Rican cuisine, an enduring legacy of taste and quality.

The Product Range A Closer Look at Carmela’s Offerings
From their traditional chicken sausages to imported corned beef and jamonilla, Carmela’s range is a celebration of variety.

From Chicken Sausages to Corned Beef
Every product in the Carmela range is crafted with care, ensuring that the family table is always filled with flavor.

Sustainability and Responsibility Environmental Initiatives
Carmela Foods is not just about great food; it’s about sustainable practices that ensure a better future for the planet.

Social Responsibility in the Business Model
Their commitment extends beyond the plate, encompassing social responsibility and community support.

Customer Stories and Testimonials Sharing Experiences: The Loyal Customer Base
The stories of Carmela's loyal customers reflect the brand's impact on Puerto Rican culture and cuisine.

Stories from the Puerto Rican Table
These testimonials are not just about food; they're about family, tradition, and the memories that Carmela has helped create.

Conclusion The Enduring Legacy of Carmela Foods
As we celebrate Carmela Foods' storied past, we also look forward to its future — a future that promises continued excellence and innovation in Puerto Rican cuisine.

The Future of Food Tradition in Puerto Rico
With an eye towards the future, Carmela Foods stands ready to adapt, grow, and continue its legacy of bringing quality, taste, and tradition to tables everywhere.


Q: What makes Carmela Foods stand out in the Puerto Rican market?
A: Carmela Foods stands out due to its 50-year legacy of quality, variety, and flavor, making it a beloved brand with a 60% market share in Puerto Rico.

Q: Are Carmela Foods products available outside of Puerto Rico?
A: Yes, Carmela Foods exports 30% of its total sales to other countries, making its products available on an international scale.

Q: What kind of quality certifications does Carmela Foods hold?
A: Carmela Foods is ISO 22,000 certified, ensuring global standards of food safety and consistent quality across all products.

Q: Does Carmela Foods offer products that cater to health-conscious consumers?
A: Absolutely, Carmela Foods has expanded its product line to include low-sodium options to meet the health trends and dietary needs of consumers.

Q: How does Carmela Foods ensure the quality of its products?
A: Every stage of production at Carmela Foods is automated and periodically inspected by the USDA, maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Q: What types of products does Carmela Foods offer?
A: Carmela Foods offers a complete line of

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